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from rap masters to absolute beginners, anyone can hone their skills, increase their rhyming vocabulary, record their freestyles, and laugh their ass off. watch a demo video start rapping

we make it fun & easy

don't spend all night searching for a decent beat, just to end up beating your head against the wall trying to think of something to say. we give you randomized topics with unique rhymes synced up to our awesome beats so you can spend your time spitting fire.

from zero to rap hero

we have the tools to help you push yourself further. think you've mastered Rap Coach? try our challenge modes.

awesome features

just press play

it doesn't get any easier than this, one click to start rapping! Rap Coach is always ready to go, just press play and let the freestyles flow.

record yourself

record your freestyles and our system will automatically analyze it, mix it, and deliver your rap as an easily shared mp3 file. don't like the mix? we let you change the levels!

random topics

rap about everything from love to zombies. hundreds of possible topics means you'll never run out of ways to surprise yourself. we're constantly adding new topics, so you can keep expanding your rhyming vocabulary.


make it slow and easy enough for your grandparents to keep up, or so fast that you're a danger to your own tongue. tweak the beat speeds, rhyme schemes, and rhyme frequency until it's just right. want to take it to the next level? try our challenge modes.

original beats

get six FREE beats made specifically for freestyling. we sort them by speed so you can rap at your own pace.

social rapping

social features are coming soon! party mode, battle mode, and freestyle chat are in development.

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try it out! Rap Coach is free, doesn't have to be installed, and doesn't require signing up.
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